Contact Information
Email: harcourtchapel@sympatico.ca
Mail: P.O. Box 105 Wilberforce, ON K0L 3C0
Don Waterhouse 289-600-5673
Chapel: 705-448-2957

1054 Harcourt Road, Harcourt, Ontario

Who We Are

Beginning in 1961, services were held for a number of years in homes and in the Community Centre before the chapel was built in 1967. From time to time we are asked about our denominational affiliation. When we answer that we are biblical Christians with no denominational connection some find it hard to imagine. We do not report to, or receive instruction from a head office anywhere on earth. We endeavour to follow the pattern of the New Testament churches. The New Testament is our manual of operation. It is also our source of doctrinal belief. Of course we are registered with the government as an official charity and report to them for accounting purposes. We are subject to government audit, to which we gladly submit to demonstrate that we are financially above board. Because we take no denominational name anyone is welcome to attend our services. We are also free to fellowship with others of varying background who value biblical doctrine and practice.

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Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) health risks, Harcourt Community Chapel is closed until further notice but we still want to extend a welcome to our church family members, and any visitors checking in to see what’s happening in the life of our church.

As we go through this time of uncertainty together let us take stock and be thankful for the many blessings right under our noses!  It is invigorating to know that God’s Presence—God Himself—is with us. He provides grace, strength, and compassion taking care of our fears and anxieties as He caringly and tenderly Shepherd’s us along the road that leads to eternal life. Whether the landscape is rugged, smooth and pleasant, or menacing as we go through a dark valley (like facing the current pandemic) we can be confident because we know the character and intentions of the One leading us through them and so can rest and trust in Him.

If we can help or assist in any way or you would like prayer you can call us at any time.

Don Waterhouse: 289-600-5673; email don.waterhouse@sympatico.ca